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Upskill Programme

Re-Shape your career.

Our All-round 16-20 week Software Quality Assurance courses cover from Manual Testing to full fledged Automation Testing utilizing Selenium, Playwright or Appium.

Courses available in both, Core JAVA & Python.

Quality Assurance Market is growing at an annual growth rate of 15.07% per year.

Software Testing Globally is valued at USD 49.9 Billion, while India contributes to a whooping USD 8.2 Billion.

Average salary of a Software Testing Engineer is INR 7,20,000 per annum.

A certification scheme that supports you Throughout Your Career.

Kvalitat's Advanced Certification

Logical and Analytical problem solving abilities

Practical Examinations

Learn prospective approaches to test coverage, scenarios and cases

One-on-One Mentoring

Globally accepted certification

Industry relevant time-management skills

Other Available Certifications

Logical and Analytical problem solving abilities

Practical Examinations

Learn prospective approaches to test coverage, scenarios and cases

Globally accepted certification

One-on-One Mentoring

Industry relevant time-management skills

Build a core foundation, align to the IT industry's ethics, evaluate and solidify your career, without sacrificing your professional role & values.

Kvalitat Technologies's certifications & programmes work for anyone and everyone, but fits best if you're,

A university student or fresh out of college graduate.

An experienced industry professional preparing for career boost.

An individual targeting career switch.

Growth & Mentor First Approach By Design

With enrolling, comes great value added benefits.

Kvalitat Technologies's pillars of value, at your service.

For any and every course you decide to enroll in, we promise you with,

Flexible Learning

We know time is limited. Especially when one is a |

Choose the one that fits your compatibility and get yourself upskilled today.


Life-Time Validity

Yes, You read it right ...

Get lifetime access to professional guidance teams and mentorships, network and alumni, as well as enrollments.

Re-Enroll Any Time

If by any reason one chooses to quit and on-going enrollment, rejoin anytime. No questions asked.

Lifetime Access

Enroll in a course. Get lifetime access to everything. As simple as that.

Our Certified Courses

Pick a course that fits your niche. Be it domain, programming language, or industry relevance.

Choose from Manual Testing, Automation Testing using Core Java or Python. Utilizing Selenium, Playwright or Appium.

All our certified courses cover concepts that are relevant across industries and varying company sizes be it product or service domain.

From Healthcare, Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Machine Learning to name a few…


Mentoring Team at Kvalitat Technologies

We are committed to empowering everyone, regardless of where they come from in their career journey, until and unless they're willing to learn, grow and create an impact in their professional careers.

At Kvalitat, our goal is to provide a more practical and flexible learning experience, building skill sets, and better access to job opportunities in Software that one needs to succeed in this ever evolving IT industry.

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Stress Less, Learn Better!

Be a part of 16-20 weeks of unbiased, collaborative and intensive Upskill Programme.

Kvalitat Technologies helps achieve,

  • Beginners, professionals and teams to become more agile and level set their technical skill sets according to new industry requirements.

  • Instructor-Led, Hands-On & Practical Upskill programmes covering Manual & Automation Software Testing. Utilizing Selenium & Appium.

  • Flexible Batches, Certifications, Job Opportunities, One-on-One Mentorships for any & every course you enroll in.

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